Estas son algunas de las preguntas más frecuentes de nuestros clientes y usuarios online:

  • 1. Can you bring me the car to the Airport?

    A representative of our company MOTO LUIS will be waiting for you (we are dressed in white shirts in summer) at OUR DESK AT CAR PARK P3 . . When you go outside the terminal, do not cross the road, walk left and after Departure´s entrance, you will see a car park next to the terminal called car park P3. We will be there next to the cashier.

  • 2. Is there a charge for the airport pick up?

    08.00 – 19.00 hrs: free of charge
    19.00 – 22.00 hrs: 10€
    22.00 – 02.00 hrs: 25€
    02:00 – 03:00 hrs: 30 €.
    Sundays and public holidays: 08.00 – 22.00hrs: 10€. 22-02.00 25€, 02-03.00 30€

  • 3. Can I hire a vehicle without a credit card?

    No, you must have a credit card and expiry date at the moment of making a reservation. Once in Ibiza you can pay as you wish. In the case of not turning up you will be charged 1 day’s rental. If you cancel at least 48 hrs beforehand there will be no penalty. Please ask us if you have only a debit card.

  • 4. At what age can I hire a vehicle?

    21 years and 2 years experience (Small Cars). For hiring scooters the reglamentary permit and above all experience

  • 5. Does one need a license to hire a scooter?

    To hire a 50cc a car license or bike license shall be necessary and above all experience. If you have a B license/car license and experience you can drive up to 125cc. (This law is valid for Spain) For other countries depending on the their laws.

    Additional information:
    AIRPORT DELIVERY: free of charge from 08-19.00 hrs, 19-22.00 hrs 10€, 22-02.00 hrs 25€. Sundays and public holidays from 08-22.00 hrs 10€, 22-02.00 hrs 25€.

    DROP OFF AIRPORT: 15€. rentals over 3 days 25€ (including fuel). Return at our offices, without charge.

    PETROL: The bike is full of petrol and you should return it the same way. If petrol is missing you will be charged at the end of the rent + 9 euro´s service charge. For min. 3 days rentals in the airport you have to return empty.

  • 6. What does the insurance of my car cover?

    The insurance on the hired vehicle covers third party, occupants, theft and damage that your vehicle may cause excepting the excess which ranges from 180 - 1500€. Damage to the undercarriage is not included in any case. Neither damage to tyres nor wheels. If you drive under the effects of drugs or alcohol you are not covered. Also reckless driving….see conditions.
    Return/drop off at the airport:

    If you have taken out the excess on your vehicle and you wish a member of our staff to revise the vehicle, you will have to return it at our office /warehouse near the airport, in office hours (09-19.00 hours) or in San Antonio from Monday to Saturday 09-21.00 hours and Sundays 09-13.00 hours (in summer).
    If the drop off/return is out of these opening hours, in the case of damage, the car and damage will be photographed where the vehicle is returned, considering the said photographs as valid proof.
    The client will be held responsible for the damage until our staff pick up the vehicle which will be done as soon as posible.
    The company will inform the client by email attaching the photographs taken in the same parking and position.

  • 7. Is there a charge for the cancellation of my reserve?

    If you do not cancel within a minimum of 72 hours pior to your arrival You will penalized with 1 day’s rental.
    Except for the months of June, July, August and September for automatic cars, Jeeps, convertibles, people carriers and other luxury cars. If you cancel with at least 30 days in advance no cost. From 30-15 days a 10% of the total rental amount and less than 15 days in advance a 20% of the total of the rental.

  • 8. Does the insurance cover the loss of keys or objects stolen from the vehicle?

    Belongings stolen from the vehicle are not covered. We kindly ask you to leave nothing inside of the car to prevent theft. We recommend you to leave the car unlocked to avoid damage to the car (windows and locks). In case you of loss of keys or stolen keys the client has to pay for it.

  • 9.What is necessary as a deposit?

    We require your credit card detaills as a guarantee in case of missing fuel or other extras. The excess will be charged on your creditcard if you have not payed the FW insurance. Once the car has been returned without any new damage this amount will be returned to your creditcard account.

  • 10. What conditions you have for fuel?

    The car is delivered with a full tank of fuel. On your last rental day it has to be refilled. In case of not filling we will charge you the missing amount of liters + 15€ more for service.

  • 11. Are you looking for somewhere to stay in Ibiza?

    Visit the Web page of the hotel Marfil in San Antonio(Ibiza).

  • 12. Please read the conditions of the rental.